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Has he bought a house for himself? – Afia Dragon blasts Avram Moshe for claiming he bought her a house

Recently, the founder and leader of Common-Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe took to social media to rant about being jilted by his lover.

According to him, Afia Dragon whom he has sponsored in various forms including purchasing a three-bedroom house for, has gone on to date another guy on the reality show Date Rush.

But reacting to the allegations in an interview, Afia Dragon has denied receiving anything from Avram Ben Moshe.

“Do I look like someone whom a house has been bought for? If a naked person promises you a cloth, take another listen to their name first, has he purchased a house for himself? He is renting a three-bedroom apartment with three others, so how is he going to buy a three-bedroom house for me?” she questioned in an interview on Mama Radio.

Despite admitting being friends with Ben Moshe, Afia Dragon denied being in any sexual relation with him.

According to the actress, Ben Moshe brought up the whole idea as a means of buying her popularity in the entertainment industry.

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