We all no Bitcoin is the future of online investment worldwide and a leading cryptocurrency. But it’s obvious some people doesn’t have a bitcoin as at we speak. Though I don’t know the reason but I’m going to walk you through a short tutorial that will enable you mine some bitcoins free of charge only if you can read this post to the end and take action.

Before you can receive bitcoin, you need to have a cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallet so you will first go to blockchain.com. Click on sign up and fill the given form with your personal details and get your free account created.

After the account is created, do well to open your email used during the registration and confirm the account. Now that you are done securing your account, click on request and copy your bitcoin address which will be used to receive bitcoin from the second website we are going to use to claim our free bitcoin. b

If the Bitcoin address is copied, enter this website Bitcoinget.com and paste your address at where they’ve indicated ‘paste bitcoin address’. You will then be redirected to a page that will ask you to fill some surveys, watch videos and explore offers for bits of which 1000 bits is equivalent to $10 which will be deposited straight into your blockchain wallet. Do this process day in day out to accrue more bits or hire a virtual assistant from fiverr to help you fill the offers for more bits and more bitcoin.

Watch this video below for more:


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