You will doubt yourself how you can make $800+ for just doing some search on YouTube but this is real and easy new way to make money online in 2021 if you can read this video to the end without making any investment.

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The only thing we will be needed to take off this money machine strategy is having an access to YouTube and an internet connection. Are you doubting? you will see how soon. In this tutorial, we are going to work as an affiliate, in other words, we are going to do affiliate marketing with wpdeveloper.

In brief, “WPDeveloper is a dedicated marketplace for WordPress plugins, themes, and subsystems. The underlying technology of WPDeveloper marketplace makes the delivery and maintenance of WordPress plugins easier for both plugin developers and users.”

Let follow the below steps to acquire our affiliate link from WPDevelopers..

  1. Enter their website
  2. Scroll down to the footer side of the website and click on Affiliate. Before we proceed, we are going to use a particular product that is doing so well on market to helping business owners to convert more sales and leads, which is “notification x” so let’s move to step 3
  3. Click on NotificationX and scroll down to the website’s footer and click on Affiliate.
  4. Click on get started and fill the given form with your personal information and click on submit. You will then be redirected to your affiliate dashboard

5. Open notificationX in a new tab, copy the plugin’s url and past it the page url and click on generate url

6. Copy the generated url showing at the campaign name (optional) tab. Now, this is the unique link that will drive traffic to NotificationX and earn you 30% of the selling price. Read more on the official site.

Right now that you are having your referral or affiliate link, go to YouTube and search all or any of the below keywords:

How to get higher conversions
Get higher conversions
Easy way to increase your conversions
Get more sales on your website
Increase revenue
The best tool to get more sales
How can I increase conversion rate
How to increase sales
How to get better conversation rates
How to increase sales
How to get better conversion rates
How to double your conversion rate
Hacks to increase your sales and revenue
Boost your conversion
Easy way to boost your conversion

Right now that you’ve made the search, open the videos which are not more than 1 year. Scroll to the comment session and open the channels of those commenting on such videos. Go to their about session and pick up their contact address. In case there are not having any contact address there, reply to their comments with this on a similar statement (I found a great tool that really helped me increase my revenue, increase my sales and increase my conversions. If you want me to share it with you, give me some contact details and I will send it to you).

The person will then reply to you according to the interest and you will then give out your affiliate link and when the person takes action to purchase the plugin, you get paid 30%. Contact us more people as you can. The more you contact, the more money you make. Let’s go and make it, the sky is the limit.

You can also watch the below video for more:


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