Did you ever dream you can make money from just copying and pasting people’s published articles online? If your answer is no, then I’m going to prove you wrong in some few minutes.

in today’s How to Make Money online Tutorial, I will review the simplest copy and paste strategy to earn between $50 – $3000 online by just submitting articles published by other bloggers, writers, journalist, business owners etc.

Requirements: You just need a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and internet access. Lets get started.

I’m not going to talk much today because the process is just simple and straightforward. I’m providing you with some website addresses below, open one of them and read the particular articles they are looking. After getting the idea, go to google and make search on the subject their are looking for and copy the content.

Go to spinbot.com to rewrite the the copied content. Pick up email address of the site in question and submit the article to them from your email. Your mail will be replied if your article is accepted to be published on their website. By doing this, you can earn from $50 to $3000 free of charge into your paypal account.

Rinse and Repeat this process to make more money online.

With the site that requires travel articles, get some from travelandtourdaily.com .

Below are the addresses of the paying websites:






Good Luck. You can watch the below video if you understand Akan Language (TWI)


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