I know you are doubting yourself how this may be true, yes, I also did the same and later realized how possible it is when I took actionable action. I’m aware you’ve been seeing such posts on Google and YouTube that are not working and have complicating processes but don’t worry, this is not clickbait or scam. All that you need to do is to read this post to the end and take quick action as many will be taking this strategy right-away.

If you been searching on Google and YouTube how you can make money online from or any other related keyword concerning making money online, then this post is simply yours. In this article, we are going to go through the stages that can earn us over $400 repeatedly (Passively).

Just follow the steps below to get your paypal funded with money without a hardwork:

  1. Open a new tab of your preferred web browser (eg Google Chrome) and enter oke.io. This is the site going to pay us when people click on our link. This site is a link shortener and one can make $4.00 per single click depending on the country of origin.
  2. Open a new tab and enter twitch.tv. This is a video platform where games stream their gaming with a lot of audiences. Click on Browse and select Fortnite

3. Open another new tab and enter this website address, forums.pcgamer.com and sign up for a free account. Go to “new post” on the given site and click on thread to open the post dashboard.

Click HERE to download a free done for you post template to post on forums.pcgamer.com as yours.

After downloading the template to Microsoft word of google doc, go back to twitch, copy a video link and shorten it with oke.io

Paste the links in the given template and post it on forums.pcgamer.com to attract thousands of people to click on your link to get paid by Oke.io

If you understand Akan Language (Twi), watch the below video for a clearer understanding. Thanks for being here today as well. Make money from home when sleeping.


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